Public Offer Agreement

Public Offer for Provision of Voluntary Charity Donation

This Offer is directed at an unidentified circle of physical and legal entities that visit the website (henceforth, Website), that shall henceforth be referred to as Benefactor, and is an official and charitable offer of SMART ANGEL CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION, ID number 39752876, henceforth referred to as Foundation, represented by its CEO Mr Oleksandr Vasyliovych Krutiy who acts on the basis of Charter, meant to make a contract of voluntary charitable donations (henceforth, Contract), the subject of provisions whereof shall be stipulated below.

1. Terms and Definitions

Acceptance is the complete and unconditional accepting of this public Offer for the making of Contract by performing money transfer with the help of payment forms and means placed at Website as well as by way of transferring money at the settlement account of Foundation via the offices of banks. The moment of Acceptance shall be deemed the day of receiving money at the bank account of Foundation.

Voluntary charitable donation (Pledge) is a money transfer made by Benefactor at the account of Foundation for achievement of goals, fulfillment of tasks, and other kinds of Foundation activities according to Contract and Law of Ukraine On Charitable Activities and Charity Organizations.

2. Subject of Contract

The subject of this Contract is unpaid transfer by Benefactor to the benefit of Foundation of money for achievement of goals, fulfillment of tasks, and other kinds of Foundation activities.

Acceptance of Contract means that Benefactor agrees with all its provisions and fully comprehends the subject of Contract and the purpose of collection of donations.

Contract shall be made by way of unconditional and complete joining this Contract and accepting all the substantial terms of this Contract by Benefactor.

Benefactor and Foundation agree that Contract shall be deemed concluded in writing beginning with the moment of performing by Benefactor of the actions envisaged by this Contract, which shall mean Acceptance of Contract.

Contract has been published at Website: with free access and in the way that ensures comprehension of the contents of Contract by any person that addresses Foundation.

Benefactor shall not be allowed to suggest its own conditions of Contract.

3. Rights and Liabilities of Parties

Foundation is entitled to:

  • receive voluntary charitable donations and use them for achievement of goals, fulfillment of tasks, and other directions and kinds of statute activities of Foundation according to Contract and Law of Ukraine On Charitable Activities and Charity Organizations;
  • at Benefactor’s request, provide reports on received voluntary charitable donations and their use.

Benefactor is entitled to:

  • transfer voluntary charitable donations at the account of Foundation in the way mentioned in Contract;
  • request reports on the use of voluntary charitable donations.

4. Place of Collection of Donations

Collection of voluntary charitable donations shall be performed at the territory of any country of the world.

5. Period of Collection of Donations

Collection of voluntary charitable donations shall last until the moment of liquidation of Foundation unless specified otherwise by Foundation.

6. Order of General Access to Reports of Foundation

Access to the reports of Foundation shall be made through publishing them at Website.

Other information may be provided by Foundation in the order and on the terms envisaged by the acting laws of Ukraine.

7. Expenses

All expenses for the payment of sums concerned with transferring donations shall be borne by Benefactor.

8. Other Terms

Benefactor shall independently define the amount of voluntary charitable donations.

Donations shall be voluntary and shall not be returned.

Benefactor shall bear responsibility for the trustworthiness of information provided at the transfer of Donation.

This Contract may be altered by Foundation unilaterally by way of publishing a new edition of Contract at Website.

In order to abide by Law of Ukraine On Protection of Personal Data and to duly fulfill the terms and conditions of Contract, Benefactor shall agree to have its personal data processed.

The relations between Benefactor and Foundation shall be ruled by the acting laws of Ukraine.